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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Just a Big iPod Touch???

The iPad is probably the trendiest gadget you can have at the moment. You can't really go anywhere without hearing about it. Well if you haven't heard about, or seen the iPad, here it is.
It looks quite impressive doesn't it? After all, it's touch screen, it's thin and you can download just about any app you can imagine. 
But if you think about it, anything it can do, so can an iPod Touch. It can't use Microsoft Word and it can't use excel. The majority of the apps for the iPad also work for the iPod Touch, and vice versa.
The only difference between the two is that the iPad has the potential for larger storage and a 3g connection. However these perks do come at an extra cost. Whilst the most obvious difference is that the iPad is much larger.
Do not get me wrong, I have handled an iPad before and they are something to be desired. However, they are more of a luxury item than a must-have piece of technology.
Why pay the extra couple of hundreds of pounds, when you could just get the iTouch?
Why don't you tell me what your views are on the iPad on the comment bar below.

Have a look below at the link to see Hitler's verdict on the iPad. I do not support the Nazi Party in any way.

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