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Sunday, 10 October 2010

This Week In Music.

Hi Guys, first thing I'd like to say is that Facebook sucks right now! One minute your talking to someone and then they suddenly "go off-line". Then when they "come back online", you ask why did you go offline, and they never did. Also it keeps on freezing up which is realllllllllllllly annoying.

X Factor: 1 Direction (Pic:ITV)Any ways, moving on from Facebook, this week's number 1 is Forget you, or F*** You by Cee Lo Green. I do love this song. It's got a retro feel to it, which brings back memories of summer which makes a rightful and deserving number 1.  Another song I'm loving right now is Heart Vacancy by The Wanted. Me and my friends spent a whole maths lesson trying to work out the lyrics, but in the end failed. But when we did find out the lyrics I got it stuck in my head for the rest of the day- literally. I'm looking forward to what else we're going to hear from these ads when their album comes out on the 25th October.

Who's loving the mini-Wanted right now? Yes that's right, One Direction from X Factor. Well I certainly am! They're my favourite group by far. My favourite girl is Rebecca Ferguson, my favourite over is Mary and my favourite is Aiden. Well fingers crossed one of them wins :D.

One last thing big up to the Yeo Valley farmers! ;)
Yeo Valley Rap!!

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