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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

What happened to Glee???

I'm guessing many of you, like me are missing the all-singing, all dancing-cast of Glee (done in a high pitched voice :P ), from your television screens. 

Or maybe a bit of this?Total Eclipse of the Heart

Glee became a nationwide phenomenon, with Don't Stop Believing going to number 1. The Glee Cast fit  happily into our routine, and many of us were left with a blank slot on a Monday night after it left. Not many people knew what to do when it came to 9'o clock, because Glee had become part of their lives. It was pretty much the only thing which made Mondays good.

In my opinion the best thing about Glee were the songs. To be honest I didn't really care about the storyline that much, I just wanted to see what they were going to perform that week. And of course, there was always a Glee song in the charts, which made watching the top 40 that little bit more interesting.

Sadly, the second series of Glee has already started in the States. I've tried googling it to see when it's starting in the UK and everyone seems to be saying that it's starting in January. So it looks like we're going to have to wait for a while before we see Rachel and Finn on our screens again. Ciao!

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