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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Winter Warmers: Scarves and Snoods

OK, so I know I've been posted anything for a while, but I've been pretty busy and tired lately. But whilst I've been away, I've been looking for some cool winter finds on the internet. I'm going to be doing a post as often as I can about each of the topics I've chosen to cover. Today I've chosen to focus on scarves and snoods. If you don't know what snood is, it's a scarf which doesn't have two ends (they're sewn together to make a loop). Here are my picks:
Image 1 of Pieces Graduated ScarfGraduated Scarf from ASOS
Unfortunately it's sold out :(, but I really like this scarf. It's two-toned which makes it quite stylish, but I also like the fact that It's quite chunky for a material scarf.

F&F Cable knit scarf 
Cable Knit Scarf from Tesco Clothing
If you like chunky knit scarves, then this one is quite reasonably priced at only £10. The bonus is that it will keep you warm in the long, chilly months ahead.

Slub knit snood 
Slub Knit Snood from Tesco Clothing
Another woolly wonder from Tesco to add to the collection. This snood is worth it at only £7. It'll also keep you extra warm as it wraps around your neck.


Ethnic Woven Scarf from New Look
This is a great find. Scarves are not only a good way to keep you warm, they're also a good way to brighten up your outfit. This does exactly that.

Gypsy Ruched Scarf from New Look
Here's another cute and colourful scarf from New Look. This scarf would probably work if you were going for the Boho look this season.


This is really pretty, the metallic detail woven through the scarf means that this item would make a great finishing touch. That fact that it's cream also means that it will go with almost anything.

Well those are my picks for warm and snuggly scarves. Comment below if you find any other scarves, or if you have any questions. Also keep a watch out for my next instalment of Winter Warmers.


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