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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Babbling About: Christmasxx

Well I would just like to say that I hope everyone had an amazing day yesterday. Whether t was spending time with family, watching cheesy movies, or enjoying your presents. if you don't celebrate Christmas, well then I hope you had an amazing day any ways :). If you're wondering, then my Christmas was pretty good. Lots of food, family, friends and a bit of Avatar (not a cheesy movie, but hey!), what more could you ask for?   
This morning I went on the computer and did my normal web browsing and discovered that Jack Wills have a sale on (that was quick!) Maybe you'd like to treat yourself with your Christmas money if you got any. I certainly feel sorry for all the people on Oxford Streeet today though, who decided to splurge the cash on the Boxing Day sales. My favourite quote from Twitter to day was : Oxford Street sales is when the true spirit of the human animal surfaces and civility is sunk. So true...

Enough about the mayhem of shopping, and I leave you with one of my favourite Christmas Songs of all time.

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