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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Winter Warmers: Cardigans :D xx

I know this is a bit of a late entry, but i haven't been feeling up to doing a blog lately. Any ways now it's time for another instalment of winter warmers :D. This time around, I've been searching the high street shops of the internet high and low for some fabulous cardies. Here they are:

This is great for layering up and will also add a pop of colour to your outfit. Most winter outerwear is usually grey, grey,maybe some black, and more grey. However this comes in a bright turquoise (as shown in the picture), white with a black trim, pink with a whit trim. But if you really want to, they do do black as well.

If you're after something a bit more woolly, Asda have got this beauty for sale. It's a neutral colour so it will go with basically anything, and even better it's only £14 which is far cheaper than some other high street shops would sell this style for. I also just noticed by zooming in that it has some metallic thread sewn in with it which would certainly add a bit off shimmer your outfit :).
Here's another woolly wonder from New Look. The only downside is that it's slightly more expensive than the Asda cardigan, but I think that might just be because it's a thicker knit.So if you are willing to pay more for warmth, then this is the one for you :).

Bow Cardigan
Bow Cardigan  by Store Twenty One
This caught my eye straight away. I really like the femininity of this that the bows add. If you wanted to switch it up a bit, you could wear this with a grunge style T-shirt, some ripped jeans and some military boots.

This is a black alternative to Asda's pointelle cardigan. You'll be pleased to know that this also has a metallic thread sewn through it. Why don't you get this one as well and have the best of both worlds? (sorry for quoting Hannah Montana btw)

Military Side Pocket Cardigan
Military Side Pocket Cardigan by Store Twenty One
The military theme seems to be everywhere in fashion right now, and here it is again in this stylish cardigan. It's military without involving the whole army. the side pocket detailing really does make this cardigan.

Super-soft, and super-cute! Even better, this is part of Republic's BOGOF scheme; so you can pay £20 for two items in the range( bargain much!?!?) . This is a plain cardigan, which makes it very versatile.

Very on-trend right now, feminine but with a bit of edge to it. you could easily wear this with leggings as it's a long-line line knit., so you don't have to worry about it rising up all the time. It also comes in grey and a petite size.

Kelsey Jacquard Knitted Cardigan
This is the priciest thing on my list today, but I couldn't resist adding it in.  This is a darling chunky knit, which could probably be worn as a coat. The reviews for this are good as well, which probably means it's a good buy. An added bonus to this is that it's got a fleece lining to keep you extra warm. 

Last one on my list today is this preppy-styled cardigan from New Look. I haven't seen anything like this yet, and I thought the blue stripe detail on the elbow made this quite quirky. Something tells me it won't be around for long, so get your hands on it before it sells out!

That's it for this episode of Winter Warmers. Why don't you comment below if you need to ask a question, or maybe you've found  a fab cardigan which you're dying to share ??? Don't forget to do the polls on the home page.


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