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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Winter Warmers: Hats

Guess what.... it's nearly Christmas!!! I'm going to, at some pint, put up a blog about new Christmas songs that have been brought out this year. It's nearly Christmas, but that means it's definitely getting colder. Fingers crossed (yn) we have a white Christmas here in the UK, but if we do, then you'll be needing a hat... 

Beanies and Berets         

Edin Knitted Bobble Hat
This is really cool; I definitely haven't seen this sort of knitting pattern on any  other hats, but it turns out I really like it :).  Grey also basically goes with anything - so woo!      

Crochet Beanie by New Look
N'aww look at the bow; it definitely makes this hat more girly. You'd be glad to know that it also comes in black instead of navy blue.

 Well it's a but different having the pom poms on the side of the head, instead of having them at the top of the head, but still, it works. The brown pom poms really warm this up; I don't think this will be in stock for long!

Beige Big pompom Beret by Rocha.John Rocha; Debenhams

Now this is what you call a chunky knit hat!  Mr. Rocha has definitely outdone himself here. It's go a warm, almost golden, colour to it. Absolutely a must buy. Pssst - it's only £9!

Dyla Spot Knitted Bobble Hat
Brown hats seem to be popping up everywhere. Nevertheless this is really trendy. I love the fact that it's spotty; it just makes it a bit more fun. If you were trying to go for the boho look (because it's slightly baggy) then this is the hat for you.           
Sparkle Hat  
Sparkle Hat by Store Twenty One
This is not just a hat,,, it's sparkly! And at only £4.00, that's a bargain!

Miso Cable Beanie Hat
     Miso Cable Beanie Hat by Republic

Beanies are really versatile, you can wear them in winter, or I spring when it's slightly warmer. If you're going out somewhere nice, then play safe by wearing a beanie. It also comes in pink, cream and brown (don't the little colour boxes look like ice cream ).                      

French Connection - expensive much? Not really. With MandMDirect, you save £17 (RRP £29.99). Simple and chic - very French! :P

Fairisle bobble hat 
 You would never believe this, but it's only £3! This really gets me in the mood for Christmas. Just hope that it snows (yn).

Animal Hats

Image 1 of ASOS Furry Bear Ears Beanie

Tee hee. I love the furry ears on this; it just adds that extra "grrness" to it. But it doesn't look that menacing, it actually looks quite cute. Perfect for the winter weather.

Miso Animal HatMiso Animal Hat by Republic
If you don't like furry ears, why not just have plain ears? According to the reviews, it keeps your ears warm!!! :)

This guy doesn't look surprised does he? I actually think he looks quite cute :). If you want to stand out, get this hat and you'll soon have followers.

Other Gems
It may surprise you, but this is a man's hat. No seriously, it was in the men's section.  Who cares about that any ways - it's a nice hat! It's got that whole alpine look going for it which I think is fab.

A cute alternative to a hat.  It keeps your ears warm, whilst letting your head breath a little. Again, this headband has pompoms on the side of it. Is this a new trend? None the less, I wouldn't mind owning one of these. :)


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