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Saturday, 22 January 2011

More onesies...

OK, so I promised to do a blog post about cheaper versions of the OnePiece, and I do keep my promises, so here it goes...

These onesies look like they are made made out of a velour fabric; so probably aren't the best for going out in since they look more like pyjamas rather than a tracksuit. However what these onesies have that the OnePiece doesn't have is that they can be customised. And by customise I mean  you can change the colour, pattern, where each colour and pattern is, add a hood, feet , ears, tail... the list is endless!!!  At the most, these will cost you about £80 (with lots of extras), however the cheapest you can get one is about £50.

These all-in-ones are a lot more economically friendly, coming in at around £30 each. The only own-side is that there isn't a great range of styles.

Primark also brought out their versions of the adult rompers, and were quickly sold out! I'm sorry to say that I'm not sure how much one of them costs.


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