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Sunday, 23 January 2011

This week's best bits x

Well this a is a new section which I'm adding to my weekly blogs, This is where I'll putt together some of my favourite songs, music, clothes, films, etc of the week.

I think I've actually fallen for this song. It's called stuttering by Loick Essien, who you might recognise from the track Love Drunk. His music is very R&B, which you don't here a lot of these days, and is nice to hear it once in a while. Well here's stuttering, tell me what you think. :)

Good eh? Well I've got another musical goodie from Aggro Santos and Kimberly Walsh. Yes - that's Kimberly Walsh :O. Has Miss Cole got some competition? Here's Like U Like.
Glee was definitely worth the wait this week. They paid a tribute to Britney Spears, which in some parts was well cringing, but other parts were just simply amazing. Here's Artie performing "Stronger" with the football team. Enjoy.

Baseball jackets seem to be popping up everywhere this season, here's a few that I selected from the web.I've realised that I can embed Polyvores in my blog, in the words of Art Attack, here's one I made earlier...(Hover over the items to take you to their webpage.)
Baseball Jackets xx

Baseball Jackets xx by Queenodera featuring 


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