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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Royal Wedding Fever: Modern Merchandise ♥

Well, Happy (belated) Easter! So if you live in England, then you're BOUND to know that the Royal Wedding is on Friday. Unluckily for Kate and Wills, the forecast doesn't look to promising; for their sake and the thousands of people in the crowds, I hope it doesn't rain on their parade (literally!).

First off is the high-street fashion giant that is New Look. There are a lot of cute tees and royal accessories to get you looking casually princess-perfect for the big day.
Royal Wedding: By New Look xx

Royal Wedding: By New Look xx by FrancesMxx featuring hair accessories

Republic are also getting in on the action and have kindly selling a selected few of their RW themed t shirts for £5. I have no idea how long these t shirts are going to be around but I suggest you get them quick before the deal runs out. These tees are from one of Republic's smaller brands "Faux Real".

Topshop aren't doing any special collections, probably because they are "too cool" for gimmicks, but anywho, they are still doing fab Union Jack themed items. I LOVE the Union Jack shopper; totally on trend.

High-street stores aren't the only ones sporting royal goods, supermarkets such as Sainsbury's are supporting the British theme. I particularly think the straighteners are pretty cool.

Then that brings me to Jack Wills, who made the most of the fortunate connection between their brand name and the media's nickname for Prince William Windsor by manufacturing limited edition mugs. These come up at £14.50 a pop, so it isn't so royal to your pocket compared to the Sainsbury's mugs, but if you are a true Jack Wills lover, then this would certainly be a good buy for one's collection ;) .

I hope you've enjoyed feasting your eyes at all the modern merchandise that I've found for you. I say modern because they  doesn't look like the tacky t shirts you would buy at stalls around LDN. But hey, sometime's tacky's good :L . I wish you all the best Kate & Wills (Kills, Wills - I think Kate & Wills will have to do)


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