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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

WHAT is going on with the weather?

After an AMAZING weekend of weather, me and my friend decided to to cycle all the way to the park to meet some of our friends, wearing 3/4 lengths and a t-shirt. We thought that since we'd had such nice weather at the weekend, things wouldn't be so bad.

Unfortunately, we were proven wrong and were shivering most of the time we were there! I say most of the time because occasionally there would be outbursts of glorious sunshine, but the rest was just overcast.

And yesterday when I decided to have a lazy day sorting out my wardrobe (turns out I have quite a lot of nice stuff that I never wear! lol) I was wearing some tracksuit bottoms, a t-shirt AND  a jumper and I was still cold! Sadly, enough the pattern continues and according to the BBC, turns out that for the south-east of the UK, it all goes downhill from here...
Oh well, on the brightside looks like we still have a bit more time to snuggle up in front of the TV!


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