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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Virtual Clothes Haul: Jack Wills ♥

If you're a teenager, then like me, most of the time when you're on the computer is spent looking at clothes.  I've decided to actually blog my findings and see what you guys think. My first installment is going to be about British brand Jack Wills and is from their 2011 Summer Term Collection. Most of the stuff on here I wouldn't actually buy because its waaay too expensive, but this is what I would buy if money was no object:
Kirkbridge Classic Gilet
Kirkbridge Classic Gilet: £98
Rainsworth Mac
Rainsworth Mac: £49
Rushbury Mac
Rushbury Mac £129
Cottesmore Breton Crew
Cottesmore Breton Crew: £69
Bobbington Aran Cardie
Bobbington Aran Cardigan: £129
Tedcastle Hoodie
Tedcastle Hoodie: £69
Tockwith Crew Neck
Tockwith Crew Neck: £49
Enford Playsuit
Enford Playsuit: £59
Butterton Dress
Butterton Dress: £89
Oldbury Classic Shirt
Oldbury Classic Shirt: £59
Oldbury Classic Shirt
Oldbury Classic Shirt: £59
Astmoor Vest
Astmoor Vest: £29
Bretell Tee
Bretell Tee: £34
Hillerton Henley Vest
Hillerton Henley Vest: £34
Eston Ltd Ed Denim Shorts
Eston Ltd Ed Denim shorts: £59
Ashgate Sweatpants
Ashgate Sweatpants: £49
Ingleby Chambray Shorts
Ingleby Chambray Shorts: £49
Filgrave Rugby Socks
Filgrave Rugby Socks: £19 
Walmgate Bracelet
Walmgate Bracelet: £12.50
Rudgeway Leather Wrist Band
Rudgeway Leather Wristband: £6.50
Ashchurch Bag
Ashchurch Bag: £79
Hardendale Barrel Bag
Hardendale Barrel Bag: £79
Hathershaw Bag
Hathershaw Bag: £14
Knebworth Cushion
Knebworth Cushion: £49
Eynsford Duvet Cover - Single
Eynsford Duvet Cover - Single: £80
Total Spend: £1,511 - wow!! Most of the items on here are extremely overpriced and you would get the same thing from somewhere on the high street for at least %20 of the JW price. Other than that, the items themselves are amazing!
Amount of items: 25Average Price: £60.44
Most Expensive Item: Bobbington Aran Cardigan: £129


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