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Friday, 29 July 2011

She Has The Joggers I Want! ♥

Getting ready for the big day: While Mike Tindall worked out coaching rugby, fiancée Zara Phillips rushed from workout to beauty treatment today  
Let me guess, you're wondering, who on Earth is that? Well because I'm a nice person, I'll tell you; it's Zara Phillips, the QUEEN's granddaughter. I was a bit shocked because I thought the royals wouldn't be in to brands like Superdry, especially teaming it with a Croydon Facelift; I guess the Royals are people too when it comes down to it.
Anyways, when I saw this photo, I was like OMGHHKP, she's wearing the Superdry joggers that I want! Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Superdry sell these exact joggers any more :( .  I must say though, the royals have extremely good taste :P.

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