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Thursday, 21 July 2011

She Makes Me Wanna Be Glad You Came♥

As it's summer (well, you wouldn't think it was if you were where I am!) I thought I'd put on some summery songs for you, this time it's from big time British bands The Wanted and JLS. I actually love these songs as they always seem to brighten up my day (even though there's a definite theme of grey going on outside),although I'm not too sure of JLS's wardrobe choices... Every time I watch these videos, they always make me wish I was somewhere sunnier, preferably abroad :(.

Fun fact: She Makes Me Wanna is produced by 23 (yes 23!) year old Colin Tilley, who has also produced a a number of Chris Brown's videos, including his hit song with the Beibs : Next 2 You.

Tell me in the comments or vote in the poll to tell me what song you think is better :) xx



  1. JLS obviously Frances ;) xoxo

  2. tee hee :P I sorta prefer glad you came for some reason :L xxx


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