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Monday, 29 August 2011

Beyonce's having a bubba!♥

That's right  the Queen Bee of all things bootylicious is having a little bundle of joy with long-time partner Jay Z! It's about time that the pair, who are Crazy In Love, were having a little bundle of joy. 
Beyonce is preggers!
Beyonce announced the news yesterday at the VMAs, when she told reporters "I have a surprise!", putting her arms round her bump in a gorgeous orange dress. But being pregnant certainly didn't stop her from strutting her stuff on stage, when she gave an outstanding (as always) performance of Love On Top. At the end, she officially revealed her bump to the rest of the world, which was expectedly greeted with loud cheers from the crowd. Kanye West, who's one of Jay Z's best buds didn't even seem to know the news! Everyone pretty much jumped on him backstage!

I wish the couple all the luck in the world and I'm looking forward t seeing how talented (and adorable!) their bubba will be when it arrives. Here's the VMA performance:


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