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Friday, 14 October 2011

The iPod Shuffle Game

I thought this would be a fun way for you to get to know what sort of music I'm into. You can do this too by putting your iPod, or whatever you listen to your music on, on shuffle. But remember... no cheating! Post your answers in the comment box; I'm really interested in what songs YOU listen to. Well here it goes :

What am I doing right now? Vulnerable - The Saturdays (doesn't really make sense, but OK? :L)
How am I feeling now? Replace Your Heart - The Wanted (doesn't exactly make sense either...)
What Is my Best Friend's Theme Song? Work It Out - Beyonce (well.. "You go girls"! :L )
What do my friends think of me? Let The Sun Shine - Labrinth (n'aww (: )
What do I think of my friends? Party Rock Anthem -LMFAO (well they do rock, if you know what I mean (; )
What does the universe think of me? All The Lovers - Kylie Minogue ( what ARE you saying universe? :L )
What do other people think of me? Just a Kiss - the Karmin version , originally sung by Lady Antebellum (seems to be a trend? :S )
What will my future be like? Whatever It Takes - Michael Bublé ( I guess that sort of makes sense...anyways, you've got to love a bit of Bublé :P)
What career will you have? Down -Jay Sean (doesn't make sense either, but good song (: )
How many kids will you have? Keep YourHead Up -Andy Grammer (doesn't make sense as well :L but seriously, look him up (: )
What is my wedding song going to be? Hold It Against Me - Britney Spears (well that could be fun :')
What is your funeral song going to be? 2012 - Jay Sean ft Nicki Minaj (that'd mean I'd only have one year left to live ): )
Dying words? Yori Yori -Bracket (there's a bit of an African tune for you there (: )
What were your first words? Ouch That Hurt - Dionne Bromfield (maybe I was being burped? :L )
What is your reason for living? Right Now (Na Na Na) -Akon (well I DO live for the moment...)
What do people want to do with me? White Lies - Paolo Nutini (um, ok? :L)
What does my boyfriend/crush/husband think of me? It's OK - Cee Lo Green (I don't actually have one :L but I would think amazing would be a better; it's better than being just an average human being right?)
What do I look for in a guy or girl? Magic - B.o.B ft Rivers Coumo (awww (; )
What is secondary school like? Bumper to Bumper - Wande Coal (yup, another African Tune (: )
What's the best thing about me? Cold Shoulder - Adele ( well that's not very true /: )
How do I make myself happy? Pump It - Black Eyed Peas
Will I have children? The Sky's The Limit - Jason Derulo ( :L )
What's good advice? Bottoms Up - Trey Songz ft Nicki Minaj (I don't really endorse binge drinking... But I do love this song (: )
What does everyone else think of my current life? Somebody To Love - Justin Bieber ft Usher (I'm not a veliger, but it's alright I guess )
What type of men do I like? Thinking Of Me - Olly Murs (well I'd hope that they were thinking of me (: )
Where will I live? Fade Into The Background - Neyo (oh look, it's another one that doesn't make sense! But I love Neyo (: )
What couldn't I live without?
What is the story of my life? So Glad - Chris Brown (Breezy at his finest)
What is my motto? Naughty Girl - Beyonce (:L)


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