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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Ghana Diaries

Hi again! It's 2013 and I've just got back from an amazing holiday with my family in Ghana. I'm actually part Ghanaian so most of it was spent visiting family, which was actually really nice, considering that the last time I went back was 3 years ago. It seems that everyone who saw me said that they wouldn't have recognised me if they saw me in the street - I hope they meant that in a good way haha!

I also did a lot of beach time whilt I was there. First was the family pilgrimage to Bojo Beach in Accra which is an absolutely beautiful white sand beach - you certainly don't get beaches like that in England! They also do the best chicken kebabs.

If you're looking for somewhere outside Accra then I highly recommend the Coconut Grove Beach Resort in Elmina. We ended up going there as an impromptu thing for two nights as a big family group. I don't think anyone regrets it as it was an incredibly relaxing experience. I think I walked the length of the beach 4 times whilst I was there. Everything was really tidy, the rooms were nicely air-conditioned and the food was very tasty. Service may have been slow at times, but then again I don't think they were used to such a large group of people all at once!

We also went to visit Elmina Castle whilst we were there. It was a very different experience to anything I've done before. It was mind-boggling that where we were standing used to be 100s of slaves shackled together. Apart from that, it was a good experience and I'm glad I went.


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  1. I'd love to see more holiday photos - i'm craving the beach and palm trees! x


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