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Monday, 30 December 2013

Love: Patterned Snoods

I am a lover of a good scarf, especially a snood - they're practical, warmer than a scarf, and you don't have to deal with the faff of the ends. Plus they look incredibly chic, which is always plus right? Snoods sum up my style - practical but looking like I've made an effort. I'd have to say out of all of them, the blue aztec New Look snood is my favourite. It's even more gorgeous in person and is currently on my to buy list!

1. Blue Aztec Snood £7.99 - New Look // 2. Fancy Yarn Snood £19 - Esprit (ASOS) // 3. Fairisle Snood £39.50 - Jack Wills (ASOS) // 4. Navy Check Snood £7.99 - New Look // 5. Scandi Fairisle Snood £18 - Topshop // 6. Crazy Fair Isle Snood £14 - Urban Outfitters

What's your favourite?



  1. number 5 or 2.. i proper need a scarf as well lol xx


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