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Monday, 13 January 2014

British Weather: Mother Nature's Russian Roulette

When I first woke up this this morning the sun was shining, the birds were singing- it was going to be an amazing day. My mind turned to thoughts of spring and perhaps being able to leave the house in something that wasn't long-sleeved. Feeling optimistic, I left the house without a jacket, and wearing one of my thinnest pair of tights. My current thoughts: bliss.

Low and behold, as soon as I'm sat down on the train on the way to college with my celebratory Snickers (best chocolate on the planet), dark rain clouds appeared in what seemed to be 0.003456 seconds. My sunny Monday morning had been turned into a situation of that much hated hindsight of 'I should have brought a jacket... or at least an umbrella'. Rightly, I did what most teenagers would do and Instagrammed a disapproving selfie. As you can probably tell, I was not amused.

Instead of sunshine, this was the scene I was met with. Inevitability, I got slightly wet on the way to Psychology, but it was ok! If anything, I'd say that the silver lining is that I have curly hair at the moment, so it dried curly, hence I avoided looking like a hot mess for the rest of the day!

Despite a brief appearance from a rainbow, it rained the rest of the day - even heavier on my way home! In order to cheer and warm up my very damp self I decided a trip to Tesco was on order. I grabbed a Black Forest Hot Chocolate a la Costa, and also managed to buy some new boots, as it turns out that my new ones aren't as waterproof as they should be!

Apart from fact that I need to buy an umbrella asap to avoid any future soakings, today was a true representation of how unpredictable the British weather is. Is it weird that I actually felt betrayed? No wonder so many British people have trust issues - if we can't trust our own weather, then what can we trust?! But in a strange way, I quite like the fact that it could potentially snow or be a scorcher tomorrow; it's one of the little quirks that keeps our society going.

Do you have any funny trapped in the rain stories? Please share if you do!

~ Frances

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