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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Inspiration: Natural Hair + My Hair Timeline

Growing up I always remember having impressively long hair. Well until I went to Ghana one year and they pretty much chopped it all off. Ok, maybe I'm being dramatic - it was cut to shoulder length. Move forward 6 years and it's still not much past shoulder length (currently 'boob' length when stretched out). Bearing in mind I probably had a lot to do with this, as when I finally became one with the hair straightener at age 13, I pretty much killed off all of the hair that had grown back! Since then, my hair has been damaged ever since. Although I did have some short-lived success of growing my hair out for prom! Too bad it was pretty much all split ends which had to be cut off at the start of last year...

I've dug through the Facebook archives to show you a little timeline of my hair (as you can see my skills with straighteners improved over time!):

Right now I'm loving my curly hair and only really see myself straightening it needs a trim (every 6 weeks or so.) My current aim is to get it back to post-prom length when it's straightened, although this time I'll make sure it receives regular trims so that all my hard work isn't lost again! However my long-term goal is to get my hair to post-prom length when it's CURLY. As you can tell my hair looks A LOT shorter when it's curly (damn that shrinkage), but I would love to have long flowing locks in my natural state. It will be tempting to head back to straighteners on a more permanent basis, but with images like these reminding me of my long-term goal, I don't think I will:
All images sourced from Google.
The main picture is of my ultimate hair idol (@alyssaredenti on Instagram). Her texture is very similar to mine and the colour is exactly what I'm aiming for! It will take a lot of perseverance, but my hair's done it before, so I don't see why it can't again. I'll be keeping you guys posted on my progress!

~ Frances

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