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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Inspired: The 80's

Last week I basically had a very big hair day. Hence I looked like something that had walked (or  breakdanced) straight out of the eighties. Anyways, I loved my hair like this mainly because it was huge, but strangely frizz free (yay for good hair days!) This led my mind to think how much I actually love the 80s. Hair was big, music was great and fashion was pretty much a 'I-bet-I-can-wear-brighter-colours-than-you'  contest. Having siblings who are way older than me has definitely influenced my love of retro, that and the fact that my childhood was pretty much summed up by watching re-runs of sitcoms like Saved By The Bell. Some of my earliest memories include watching old Eddie Murphy films (Coming To America being a definite fave) and watching my brothers dance around to MJ.  If anything I think modern life needs some of that flamboyance, and have loved the recent 'retro-throwback' lots of brands seem to be doing.

Here are some 80s-inspired pins I grabbed from Pinterest:

80s street80's
http://www.pinterest.com/pin/385268943094364397/JohnCusack #80's #SayAnything80s Bold Houndstooth Print Blouse80s hairSaved by the Bell fashion is slowly coming back- Lisa's zebra print loafers and red jeans, and Jesse's denim on denim.80s, fashion, leggings, photography, retro - inspiring picture on Favim.com

One of my favourite brands is Forever 21 because they're always good for doing bright and eccentric things. They seem to have been going through a major retro phase lately and so I gathered a few of my favourite pieces:

To round-off my 80s/retro tribute, I heard this song on the radio this morning and pretty much went insane! Little Mix have recorded a cover of Word Up (originally by Cameo) for the Sports Relief single this year, which just happens to be one of my favourite songs! Here it is with the original:

So there you have it! Instead of dragging out that same grey cardigan tomorrow morning, why not pull out that shirt you think is 'too loud' and spread some of that 80s spirit tomorrow!



  1. I love your blog its the cutest thing! Especially loving the chevron background! Great post Your hair is absolutely fabulous and I love your headband too! Followed you, once again great blog!
    -Magenta x


    1. Thanks for lovely comment - it's appreciated! + Also thanks for the follow and great blog too!!


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