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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

2014: the year lots of things happened.

Turns out we're in February and I still haven't gotten around to doing my 2014 highlights post (I know, I know shameful). Lately, most of my energy has been spent on settling into/surviving the new semester.

Looking back at my 2013 post, I can definitely say that the amount of college application- stress I was going through at the time was worth it. I guess the biggest thing to happen to me during 2014 was that I got into college! Other notable things that happened were:
  • I finished my A-levels (finally)
  • I turned 18
  • I got highlights in my hair (easily one of the best decisions I've made, and I'm definitely planning on getting more this summer)
  • I met the US ambassador to the UK (pretty exciting)
  • Wireless Festival & James Arthur gig
  • I was part of a world record (kind of a big deal)
  • Huge family college road trip in an RV (because that's just how we do things)
  • I visited LA & New York for the first time

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Oh, and another cool thing that happened was my best friends back home surprising me with a surprise photoshoot for my birthday/leaving present - they're kind of amazing.

All in all, it was a pretty amazing year in terms of trying new things, visiting new places and making new friends. The summer alone is easily the best summer I've had. 2015 certainly has a lot to live up to, although I have faith that it won't disappoint!

- Frances

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