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Friday, 2 October 2015

summer '15: lincoln memorial, dc

This is the first post in my summer series! Before I went back home to the UK, I stayed with my aunt in Maryland, which is right by DC. I've been to DC before, on breaks, but I had never gotten round to seeing the Lincoln Memorial. I would always either run out of time, or not be in that part of town. Therefore I made it my mission to finally see what all the fuss was about. 
Apart from ticking off my DC tourist bucket list, one of my other wins of the day was getting a free cookie at Corner Bakery Cafe in Chinatown (yay for free food).

Verdict: pretty great. Luckily the weather was beautiful when I went, which might slightly bias my opinion, however, you can't deny that it's an amazing piece of architecture. It also happened to Georgetown's graduation day, so there were a bunch of students getting pictures taken in their gowns. How they didn't melt in the heat under those gowns is still a mystery to me...

I also took a walk down the mall, which was actually a lot longer than expected. Apart from being covered in sweat by this point, it was cool imagining that this was where 1000s of people congregated to see Obama, as well as president's before him, make their inaugural speech. 
At the end of the mall is the National WWII Memorial, which is, quite frankly, one of the most beautiful memorials that I've seen. It's covered in fountains, surrounded by stones with all of the states carved into them. 

I can't wait to explore more of DC as time goes on; especially when I turn 21, I'll be able to explore the nightlife as well. 


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