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Thursday, 21 January 2016

declared my major? + first week back thoughts

First week back and I feel like I've already been more productive than I was for the entire of last semester. Apart from trying to adjust to a new schedule, figuring out when's a good time to work out etc., I've been running around trying to get all my forms signed for my study abroad application to Granada, Spain (watch this space!). 

Part of the process involves officially declaring my Economics major. Even in the UK, it has always been the plan, I just needed to make it... legit. Yes, I might just be another classic case of an international student declaring an Econ major, but no, I don't want to go into banking. I would actually love to go into events planning/marketing; Econ is the closest discipline Kenyon offers to a management degree. Plus, personally, it's a lot more interesting than getting a degree in business. 

So yeah, here's to officially declaring my major! Also, it wouldn't be an Ohio winter if there wasn;t snow on the ground... 

- Frances

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