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Friday, 29 January 2016

summer '15: when in leeds

train selfie - mandatory.
Back in the summer, I took the train up to Leeds to visit one of my best friends, Amy, at the University of Leeds. Verdict: pretty great city as whole, super cheap, and if you're 'edgy', you'll fit right in. 
still thinking about this.
The connecting train to Leeds was from King's Cross Station, in London, where I grabbed lunch at a place called Leon, which is basically a healthy fast food place. Honestly, one of my favourite lunches in recent memory. I ordered the meatball hot box with brown rice, which was SO good. 

campus tour
After catching up, Amy took me on a tour around the university. Considering how different Kenyon and Leeds are from each other, it's very hard to compare the two. However, my personal highlight of the tour was the 'black bacon' structure in one of the quads. 

when hipsters own a restaurant: exhibit a
After a quick tour of the uni, we stopped off at Get Baked, which is a church-turned-cafe/restaurant , right by the university - very 'edgy' (everyone kept using this word.) I ordered a hot dog, with onion rings, which was delicious, and we split a basket of fries between us. This is definitely somewhere I would recommend if you were looking for somewhere to eat that's a bit more on the quirky side.

he's a looker!
Of course, no student outing is complete without a free museum. Sadly, they were closing when we got there, but we still managed to quick look around...

navigating the night bus system
We went out on two occasions during my visit. First, we went went to Hi-Fi, during one of their student nights, where the music was amazing. It was a mixture of new to old, playing everything from Michael Jackson to Kanye West. 

The second time we went out, was to to a place called Bierkeller, which is based off the layout of German beer tavern. Entry was free, on the night we went, and a stein of cocktail was only £6! The best part was defnitely dancing on the tables - I'm not kidding, every one was doing it. 

Here's to Leeds! I'll definitely go back again if I can.


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